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Automated Bill Processing
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Digitize bill processing through Intelligent Document Extraction


Automated Bill Processing




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The Challenge

The Finance department of a multinational direct-to-consumer home solutions company faced difficulties manually processing 50,000 bills every year. These bills, arriving in diverse formats via an Outlook inbox, not only required considerable effort for data extraction but also had to be manually loaded into Oracle NetSuite. This process introduced a high likelihood of entry errors into their financial tracking system due to fatigue, and as the company expanded, there was a growing need to hire more personnel to handle the invoice workload.

The Solution integrated intelligent automation into the process using UiPath's document understanding and RPA. The automation scans unstructured invoices from an Outlook inbox, extracts necessary data using machine learning, and then, via NetSuite integration, matches vendors and generates invoices, reducing manual interventions by over 90%. Daily reports with links to the new invoices are produced for review. This transformative approach not only mitigates the risk of errors but also empowers the finance team to focus on strategic initiatives, driving value to the organization's bottom line.

The Results

Sigificant savings in hours manual work, while maintaining an incredibly high percentage of bills processed automatically, including:

  • 50,000 bills processed per year by automation

  • 4,000 manual hours of work saved annually

  • >90% of bills processed with no human intervention


Growing company grapples with manual invoice processing and scaling challenges in Oracle NetSuite

In the bustling landscape of direct-to-consumer home solutions, as the demand for services surged, so did the complexity of financial operations for one multinational juggernaut. Their rapid expansion came with its own set of challenges. As the company scaled, they found themselves constantly in the hiring loop, adding more hands on deck to manage the overwhelming 50,000 bills arriving annually. Yet, even with an influx of talent, the manual nature of their process, which involved sifting through diverse invoice formats from an Outlook inbox and then tediously inputting them into Oracle NetSuite, became a ticking time bomb. Errors crept in, fatigue set in, and the once smooth financial machinery began showing signs of strain.

This wasn’t just a logistical nightmare; it was a direct threat to their bottom line. Every misstep in data entry, every delay in processing, equated to lost revenue and missed opportunities. The Finance department, once the backbone of their operations, was now a bottleneck, stalling growth and dampening the company's ambitious trajectory. The need for a transformative solution was not just desired – it was imperative for their continued success.

Automated Bill Processing

In collaboration with the finance team, tapped into UiPath's unparalleled technology, combining the might of Machine Learning and AI to redefine invoice management. The solution began with a vigilant bot monitoring the company's Outlook inbox in real-time, ensuring no invoice went unnoticed. Upon receipt, using state-of-the-art computer vision, the bot meticulously scanned, parsed, and extracted pivotal data from each invoice, regardless of its format. But the genius didn't stop there. Through a robust API integration built into Oracle NetSuite, the system not only matched the extracted invoice details with the corresponding vendors for impeccable accuracy but also seamlessly uploaded this data to create invoices within NetSuite, streamlining the entire invoicing process.

Combining Machine Learning and AI to redefine invoice management



A pivotal transformation from basic data entry to strategic financial management

This solution represented more than just a technical adjustment; it signified a pivotal transformation. Freed from the shackles of tedious tasks, the finance team discovered a game-changing ally in Impower. Their responsibilities evolved from basic data input to pivotal strategic management, propelling the company's financial operations to new heights of efficiency and innovation. The success of this initiative didn't just stop at the finance department. It served as a catalyst, spearheading a wave of automation initiatives not only within finance but also across various departments in the organization. The tangible benefits and efficiency gains became a testament to what was achievable, inspiring further innovation. This wasn't about merely addressing a challenge; it was about pioneering the next chapter in financial management and setting a precedent for organizational transformation.


Bills Processed Annually


Manual Hours Saved


Bills Processed w/o Intervention

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