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Legacy Application Automated Password Reset
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Automation Reduces Annual Call Center Volume


Legacy Application Automated Password Reset




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The Challenge

Our client encountered a critical challenge within their Call Center operations, as their core business application was outdated and lacked integration with modern identity management software like Active Directory or Okta. This limitation forced their IT support team to manually handle all password reset requests, resulting in significant time wastage of dozens of hours per week. Additionally, the complex desktop client interface of the application created usability challenges for both users and support staff.

The Solution

To overcome this challenge, we developed a streamlined solution by creating a user-friendly web utility for password requests. This utility seamlessly integrated with Service Now, triggering an automation powered by UiPath's enterprise automation platform. This automation efficiently navigated the complex application, generating a secure temporary password for the user, who would then be prompted to reset it upon login.

The Results

The implementation of a tailor-made password reset web utility, powered by Service Now and UiPath’s enterprise automation platform drastically reduced call center volume, which enabled valuable resources to be reallocated to more complex and important challenges. These profound results speak for themselves:

  • 12% Reduction in call center volume

  • 450 Passwords reset per week

  • 6,000 Hours saved annually


Legacy application lacks modern identity management, consumes valuable call center resources

Our client faced a critical challenge within their Call Center operations due to an outdated core business application that lacked integration with modern identity management software such as Active Directory or Okta. This limitation forced their IT support team into a laborious process of manually handling all password reset requests. Consequently, valuable hours were wasted each week as the team navigated the complexities of the application's outdated desktop client interface. This created not only frustration for the support staff but also for the users who relied on prompt password resets to regain access to their accounts.

What made matters worse was that this outdated application was considered the industry standard, perpetuating the belief that manual handling of password reset requests was the norm. Many organizations in the industry had grown accustomed to this inefficient process and had resigned themselves to accepting the time-consuming nature of the task. As a result, the potential for streamlined automation and modernized solutions, such as UiPath's enterprise automation platform, was often overlooked or underestimated.

Legacy Application Automated Password Reset

Collaborating closely with the client's IT team and Call Center operations, we swiftly addressed the challenge by developing a small web utility dedicated to password requests, which seamlessly funneled requests into the popular IT service management platform, Service Now. By integrating UiPath's enterprise automation platform into Service Now, we created an efficient automation workflow that successfully navigated the complexities of the outdated application. This automation not only generated secure temporary passwords but also prompted users to reset their passwords upon login, enhancing security measures and improving user experience while relieving the burden on the IT support team.

Our solution not only addressed the challenges of the outdated application and manual password reset requests but also took into consideration the need for scalability. Despite the automation in place, the end-to-end process of resetting a password still took around 2 minutes due to the extensive navigation required. Additionally, if the application fell asleep after 15 minutes of inactivity, the process would take even longer, exceeding 5 minutes.

To overcome this, we devised a comprehensive approach that included building a small "keep alive" automation. This additional component ensured that if the application hadn't been interacted with for the previous 10 minutes, a small action would be sent to the application to keep it alive. By proactively addressing the potential issue of the application going to sleep, we ensured that the solution could handle increasing demands and maintain a consistent performance threshold required by the business.

Tailor-made web utility to automate password resets



Call center resources liberated, reallocated to more complex issues

The implemented solution delivered remarkable results by streamlining the password reset process and significantly reducing the need for employees to call into the help desk for assistance. With the introduction of the secure web portal, employees gained an intuitive and efficient means to initiate password reset requests. Through the seamless integration of the automation workflow into Service Now, the laborious task of navigating the complex desktop client interface was automated. This enabled the system to generate secure temporary passwords customized for each user. Moreover, by prompting users to reset their passwords upon login, our solution enhanced security practices and ensured compliance with industry standards.

Overall, our transformative solution yielded profound benefits for the client's Call Center operations. By streamlining the password reset process and significantly reducing the reliance on manual support, our solution empowered the Call Center team to shift their focus towards more critical and complex tasks. Instead of being inundated with repetitive password reset requests, the IT support staff could now dedicate their expertise to handling more important calls, resolving complex technical issues, and delivering exceptional customer service.


Reduction in Call Center Volume


Passwords Reset Per Week


Hours Saved Per Year

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