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Platform User Management
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Reducing the burden of SaaS application management with RPA


Platform User Management




Robotic Process Automation

Information Technology


The Challenge

In today's digital landscape, businesses are rapidly adopting SaaS applications to drive efficiency. However, with this surge comes a complex web of user management challenges. Each SaaS platform boasts its own unique onboarding, configuration, and offboarding protocols, often lacking standardization. The manual labor intensifies when these platforms don't offer intuitive user interfaces or features like bulk editing. Moreover, as businesses evolve, the need to update user profiles to meet new security standards becomes paramount. Without efficient tools, IT teams face daunting tasks, potential security risks, and wasted resources.

The Solution revolutionized the user management lifecycle by seamlessly integrating with ServiceNow. Through this integration, UiPath robots were deployed to automatically handle ticket pickups, streamlining the processes of onboarding, configuring, and offboarding users. Moreover, the solution introduced a user-friendly interface for platform admins, enabling them to effortlessly make bulk changes, addressing functionalities that were previously unavailable in some of the SaaS platforms they were managing users in.

The Results

Streamlining the once cumbersome process of user management across multiple SaaS platforms, to the tune of:

  • 10,000 Users managed by automation

  • 18,000 Hours of manual work saved annually

  • 83% Reduction in misconfigured user tickets


Juggling the user management intricacies of multiple SaaS platforms

In an era where digital transformation is more than a buzzword, it's a business imperative, organizations are swiftly embracing SaaS solutions to stay competitive. Yet, this fast-paced adoption brings with it a maze of user management intricacies. Imagine juggling multiple SaaS platforms, each with its distinct set of protocols for user management, and the picture becomes clear: a fragmented, cumbersome process begging for innovation. When these platforms don't come equipped with user-friendly interfaces or functionalities such as bulk editing, the challenges mount. Couple this with the ever-evolving landscape of security protocols and the task becomes Herculean. Enter the realm of missed opportunities, heightened security vulnerabilities, and drained IT resources. recognizes this challenge and offers a game-changing solution. By integrating seamlessly with platforms like ServiceNow and leveraging the prowess of UiPath robots, we're redefining the boundaries of what's possible in user management. Our solution automates the intricacies of onboarding, configuring, and offboarding, turning what was once a time-consuming process into an efficient, streamlined operation. Beyond mere automation, we provide a platform that's intuitive for admins, allowing for bulk changes that were previously unthinkable in many SaaS platforms. With, organizations are not just overcoming challenges; they're setting the gold standard for efficient SaaS user management, ensuring their IT teams are champions of innovation, not just maintenance.

Platform User Management

In the face of increasing SaaS adoption, recognized the need for a more cohesive, integrated approach to user management. Partnering closely with IT teams, we embarked on a journey to leverage the powerful API layers inherent in many of today's SaaS platforms. These API layers, often underutilized, hold the key to unlocking efficient user management by facilitating data exchanges and automating routine tasks.'s solution seamlessly merged the capabilities of ServiceNow with the automation prowess of UiPath robots. By tapping into these API layers, our robots autonomously handle ticket pickups, acting as the bridge between varied platforms. This not only accelerates the processes of onboarding, configuring, and offboarding users but also ensures a consistent, error-free approach. What's more, our solution introduces a highly intuitive interface tailored for platform admins. This interface, designed with the user in mind, empowers admins to make bulk changes, a feat previously unattainable in several SaaS platforms. Through these integrations and innovations, transforms the once-tedious task of user management into a streamlined, efficient operation, ensuring that organizations can harness the full potential of their SaaS investments.

Combining the powers of UiPath and ServiceNow to streamline user management



Streamlined user management, saving hours and reducing errors

The transformative impact of's innovative solution was immediately evident. By automating the day-to-day grind of user management, we unburdened the admin team, allowing them to redirect their focus towards more value-driven tasks. Organizations, armed with our solution, now confidently undertook large configuration changes, knowing they had a robust system backing their decisions. Furthermore, with the enhanced precision and consistency in user management, businesses found themselves better aligned with compliance standards, significantly reducing the risk of non-compliance penalties.

The evidence was clear: an impressive 83% drop in misconfigured user tickets. Beyond the heightened precision and the tangible cost savings, this also signified a stronger, more compliant operational framework. With at the helm, businesses are not only navigating the complexities of SaaS but also fortifying their compliance posture in the digital realm.


Users Managed by Automation


Manual Hours Saved


Reduction in Misconfigured User Tickets

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