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Streamlining CRM Migration
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Streamlining CRM Migration with Comprehensive Process Mining


Streamlining CRM Migration




Process Mining


The Challenge

As our client embarked on a strategic upgrade from their legacy CRM to a cutting-edge alternative, they faced the intricate challenge of integrating and mapping an array of business processes. This challenge was intensified by the incorporation of processes from recently acquired companies, elevating the total to nearly 500 unique workflows and involving about 110 individual contributors. The objective was clear: to develop a comprehensive visual representation of these processes, ensuring the new CRM could adeptly support both the pre-existing system and the newly amalgamated operations. Opting for this visual mapping solution was far more efficient than the arduous alternative of conducting exhaustive one-on-one process reviews by Business Analysts—a necessity turned into a strategic advantage in the wake of the company's expansion.

The Solution utilized UiPath’s Task Mining tool to efficiently map and document existing workflows. Collaborating with the client’s IT department, they deployed the software on users’ devices, aligning with their daily tasks. As employees worked, the software recorded their actions, capturing clicks and keystrokes. This data was then uploaded for analysis, where Machine Learning algorithms created visual diagrams of the processes, streamlining the mapping effort and providing clear, detailed insights into each workflow.

The Results

440 processes analyzed, leading to a substantial reduction in financial and operational resource costs associated with CRM migration, including:

  • $120,000 Cost Avoidance

  • 1/3 Reduction in migration timeline


Migrating from a legacy CRM system, while simultaneously incorporating recently acquired companies

In the midst of a strategic overhaul, our client was transitioning from a patchwork of legacy CRM systems—including those from recently acquired companies—to a unified, advanced CRM solution. The objective was to streamline the multitude of existing processes, an endeavor made challenging by the sheer volume and complexity of the workflows. Nearly 500 unique business processes had been identified, spanning across various departments and involving the coordination of approximately 110 individual contributors. The task at hand was not only to ensure a smooth migration to the new CRM platform but also to maintain the integrity and functionality of these processes, many of which were critical to the daily operations of the organization.

The traditional approach of manually mapping these processes was impractical and resource-intensive, as it would require an exhaustive effort by Business Analysts to individually interview each stakeholder and document their specific tasks. This method was further complicated by the diverse nature of the newly integrated processes from the acquired companies, each with its own set of systems, terminologies, and operational nuances. There was a pressing need for a solution that could encapsulate the vast array of processes in a visual format, one that could facilitate a more efficient, accurate, and comprehensive understanding of the workflows to be migrated to the new CRM system.

Streamlining CRM Migration adeptly repurposed UiPath’s Task Mining tool, traditionally used for spotting automation avenues, to map and document the company's current processes. By teaming up with the client's IT department, they ensured the Assisted Task Mining software was installed on the machines of relevant users, correlating with their routine operations.

The process documentation kicked off with users initiating the software and starting its recording feature while they executed their regular tasks. This smart tool captured essential interactions such as mouse clicks and keystrokes, along with the navigation through various system interfaces. After task completion, this recorded data was automatically uploaded for evaluation.

Leveraging Machine Learning algorithms, the Task Mining software then analyzed the data to produce detailed, exportable visual diagrams. These diagrams offered a granular view of each workflow, effectively condensing the traditional, manual effort of process mapping into a streamlined, automated solution that delivered precise, actionable process insights.

Leveraging UiPath's Task Mining capabilities to map existing workflows



Significant cost and resource savings contribute to a leaner, more agile operation

The innovative approach to process mapping yielded significant financial and operational benefits. By circumventing the traditional, labor-intensive methods of process documentation, our client achieved a substantial cost avoidance of $120,000. This figure represents not just savings in man-hours that would have been spent in manual mapping but also the opportunity cost of diverting key resources from their primary tasks. The efficiency of the chosen method meant that financial resources could be reallocated to other critical areas of the business, optimizing overall spend and contributing to a leaner, more agile operation.

The time efficiency realized was equally impressive; the migration to the new CRM system was completed three times faster than anticipated, taking only a third of the estimated time. This expedited transition minimized disruption to daily operations, maintaining business continuity and customer satisfaction. Additionally, a comprehensive analysis of 440 processes within this shortened timeframe was an exceptional achievement. It enabled a swift yet thorough understanding of the business workflows, ensuring that the new CRM system was tailored to meet the complex needs of the company, post-integration of the acquired companies' processes. This speed and thoroughness in migration not only delivered immediate productivity gains but also positioned the company to reap the benefits of its robust new CRM system without delay.


Cost Avoidance


Migration Speed Increase


Processes Analyzed

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